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Private Joint Stock Company “Yenakiieve Coke and Chemicals Plant (Koksokhimprom)” is one of the oldest coke plants in Donbas, a company with the complete cycle of coal conversion to produce coke and coking products.

The plant produces about 20 types of products, including ammonia sulphate, one of the most valuable chemical products. The plant’s design production capacity amounts to 1,065,000 tonnes of coke per annum and 14,800 tonnes of ammonia sulphate per annum.

The plant’s coking and chemical products are both sold in the Ukrainian market and supplied to Russia, India, China, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Germany, Georgia, Turkey, the USA, Romania, Bulgaria, Brazil.

The plant consists of four major and over ten auxiliary workshops.

    Вспомогательные службы

  • The plant’s Central Laboratory determines the quality of inward raw materials and finished products.
  • The Quality Control Department executes control over the compliance of the inward raw materials and finished products quality with the technical requirements.
  • The electrical repair workshop deals with technical maintenance of units and facilities for electric power production, transfer, transformation, distribution and consumption.
  • The heat and power workshop deals with producing and distributing steam among technological workshops, supplying the plant with compressed air.
  • The instrumentation and automation workshop deals with technical maintenance and repair of instrumentation and measuring devices and process regulators.
  • The water supply workshop supplies the plant with water for technical, fire fighting and drinking purposes.
  • The technology dispatching control workshop deals with technical maintenance and repair of all the plant’s telecommunication and technological network.
  • The plant’s repair functions include the mechanical repair workshop, the installation workshop, which deals with technical maintenance and repair of all the plant’s equipment and manufacture of spare parts.
  • The plant also includes the railway workshop and the road and special vehicles workshop.

Coal preparation workshop

The workshop deals with acceptance, storage and preparation of coal concentrates for coking and delivery of coal charge to the coke workshop.

Coke workshop

Production of coke for the metal industry is provided by three coke batteries each containing 43 furnaces with the design capacity of 1,065 thousand tonnes of total 6% moisture coke per annum. The furnaces are heated by coke gas. The plant has a closed circuit gas supply system.

By-product recovery workshop

The purpose of the by-product recovery workshop is coke gas refrigeration and production of tar, water steam, ammonia, benzene hydrocarbon and hydrogen sulphide. Then purified coke gas goes to consumers. Hydrogen sulphide is removed from coke by using monoethanolamine.

Tar distilling workshop

The workshop deals with processing of coal pitch and producing electrode pitch binder, anthracene, absorption oil, light and medium oil and naphthalene.