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Major milestones in the history of the coke and chemical industry in Yenakiieve
Plant’s chronology


Under the project developed by A. Mevius, the Russian metallurgist, Petrovskyi Iron and Steel Works was built on the bank of the Sadky River, near the village of Korsun (4 km from Yenakiieve) with the aim to be the first plant in Russia to produce cast iron by using anthracides, namely coal. The plant consisted of a coke workshop with 20 coke ovens near Sofiivskyi Mine (now: Mine named after K. Marx) and later another coke workshop near Verovskyi Mine (now: Chervonyi Profintern Mine).


The coke ovens, the coal preparation plant and the chemical workshops were combined into one plant.


The plant was completely commissioned.


First coke was produced on February 3 and March 10. Coke batteries No. 1 and 2 were launched.


April - September. Coke batteries No. 3 and 4 were commissioned. The construction of Novo-Yenakiieve coke and chemicals plant was mainly completed.


First cast iron and, most probably, coke was produced on May 17. Coke ovens underwent several reconstructions.


December. Two blast furnaces with the capacity of 288 tonnes per day, two converters and 120 coke ovens with the capacity of 300 tonnes of coke per day were commissioned. The coke ovens and the coal preparation plant were part of the iron and steel works.


The plant’s operation was suspended.


The coke ovens and the coal preparation plant remained at the iron and steel works, and the chemical workshops formed a separate chemical plant. It consisted of the sulphate, benzene, desulphurisation, tar distilling and auxiliary workshops. Novo-Yenakiieve coke and chemicals plant started to be built.